People are your biggest assets! We value, complement and improve their working conditions.

At LKPU, we provide a comprehensive array of services aimed at effectively managing and optimizing human resources within organizations. Our primary focus lies in HR transformation, where we collaborate closely with you to redefine and enhance your HR strategies, policies, and procedures.

In addition, we offer comprehensive HR management support, assisting you with various operational HR tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, training, workshops, and compensation & benefits administration.

Our expertise also extends to HR systems, where we provide guidance in selecting, implementing, and optimizing HR technology solutions. We recognize the significance of a robust employer brand, and thus, we offer services to develop and strengthen employer branding strategies and initiatives that attract and retain top-tier talent.

Furthermore, we facilitate payroll and time & attendance management services to ensure accurate and efficient processing of employee compensation and time-related data. Moreover, our specialization in talent management allows us to assist companies in identifying, nurturing, and retaining high-potential employees through effective performance management, succession planning, and leadership development programs.

At LKPU, our team of experts is committed to supporting organizations in achieving their people management objectives and driving overall business success through the implementation of effective people strategies and streamlined processes.


clients have been successfully supported through complex projects

Client Results​

Project Rescue

For the world’s leading payroll software vendor and service provider, the shutdown of a platform is set for the end of the year. After a one-year extension, 1,000 corporate customers still need to be migrated 8 months before sunset. A serious dispute with a key external migrator brings the crisis to a head. LKPU is entrusted with program management and successfully completes the migration.

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Jan Koppetsch

Managing Partner

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Payroll, T&A, Core System Strategy

Supporting global client goals in systems and providers, we offer comprehensive, aligned strategic solutions for HR, IT, and Finance.


Supporting corporates internationally, we harmonize systems and processes to add value across operations.

Implementation Delivery

Professional attention in initial Pay, Time, HCM Core setup ensures successful, high-quality implementation and integration.

Selection of System, Provider, and Service Level

Maximize benefits in payroll, T&A, and system of record with optimal provider and service.

Interfacing Payroll, T&A, and Core System

Professional interface management in pay and time systems is key to minimizing errors and maintaining efficiency.

Payroll, T&A, and Core Provider support

We support software and service providers’ go-to-market, product management, system and partner portfolio optimization, and implementation project management.

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