Reviving and successfully completing a troubled project.

Our Project Rescue service is designed to help clients overcome a range of challenges that put their projects at risk of failure. Projects can encounter various issues that may cause delays, cost overruns, team conflicts, scope creep, and other problems that threaten the success of the initiative.

One of the common challenges that we address in our Project Rescue service is missed deadlines. Delays can be caused by a variety of factors, such as inadequate project planning, unclear objectives, unrealistic expectations, or unforeseen events. We work with our clients to identify the root cause of the delay and develop a plan to get the project back on track.

Cost overruns are another issue that can impact project success. These can be caused by poor cost estimation, ineffective cost management, or unforeseen expenses. Our team of experts can help clients to identify cost-saving opportunities and develop a plan to keep the project within budget.

Team conflicts can also arise in projects, which can negatively impact morale and productivity. Our consultants can help clients to identify the sources of conflict and develop strategies to resolve them, including effective communication, team-building exercises, or coaching for team leaders.

Scope creep is another common challenge that we address in our Project Rescue service. This occurs when the project objectives and requirements expand beyond the initial scope, leading to increased costs and delays. Our team can help clients to manage scope creep by establishing clear requirements and change control processes.

Other challenges that we can address in our Project Rescue service include poor project management practices, inadequate risk management, ineffective communication, and lack of stakeholder engagement. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and develop a tailored plan to address them. With our expertise, clients can overcome the obstacles and achieve successful project outcomes.


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Project Rescue

At a large German automotive bank, the existing credit processes needed to be adapted in order to correct the calculation of interest on returns. In addition to the adaptation of the core banking system, the adaptation of the reference interest rates, calculation algorithms and interfaces was carried out. The project was running for more than one year without reaching the planned outcome. Our client approached us to run a project review and define a measure plan for a turn-around.

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Project review evaluates projects, identifies risks and opportunities for improvement, and provides actionable recommendations.

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Project Rescue

Improve performance or adapt to new circumstances, with immediate action and transparency.

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Expert support in managing complex projects with project planning, risk management, and progress monitoring.

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