Case Study

Mass Migration Turnaround for Payroll Software Provider

In the face of a crisis arising from a serious dispute with an external migrateur, LKPU improved the organizational and operational structure, implemented transparent control measures, and provided dispute support to ensure the migration's in-time conclusion.

At A Glance

Planning, budgeting, and staffing of key roles
Organizational and operational structure improvement
Transparent control with pragmatic tooling
Reviews and turnarounds
Provider management
Dispute, contract, and negotiation support
Project management, experts

The Story

A market-leading payroll software and service provider faced the inevitable termination of one of their platforms, leaving ca. 1,200 customers to be migrated within a tight timeframe of eleven months. A crisis arose due to a serious dispute with an external migrateur, leading to LKPU being entrusted with program management to navigate this challenging situation and ensure a successful migration.

  • LKPU developed a comprehensive plan, allocated resources, and managed the budget to facilitate the smooth execution of the mass migration.
  • The team improved the provider’s organizational and operational structure, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency to support the migration process – including a weekly load-balancing of target platforms and migration teams.
  • Transparent control measures, supported by pragmatic tools, were implemented to monitor progress, identify and address issues, and maintain transparency throughout the migration.
  • Reviews and turnarounds: LKPU conducted regular reviews to assess progress and identify areas requiring turnaround actions, ensuring timely course corrections as needed.
  • Provider management: The team effectively managed the relationship with the external migrateur, addressing disputes, and ensuring collaboration towards a successful migration outcome.
  • Dispute support: LKPU provided support and guidance to resolve the serious dispute with the external migrateur, mitigating risks and achieving a favorable resolution.

The LKPU team of experts and consultants collaborated closely with approximately 20 staff, including the CEO and COO, throughout the eleven-month project. Their collective efforts and strategic approach resulted in the successful completion of the mass migration, protecting the provider and its customers. LKPU’s expertise in program and project management, provider management, and dispute resolution proved instrumental in overcoming challenges and ensuring a smooth migration for the payroll software provider.

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