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Secure from the unseen financial harms in a rapidly-changing world today? Tough choices make great opportunities. The world is rapidly advancing and economies are undergoing a rapid shift. While these open up opportunities, there are risks that come at play.

Financial service providers make no exception in facing major challenges – ranging from changes in regulations and technological advancements, to increasing competition and shifting customer expectations.

The rise of digital technology is disrupting traditional financial services, leading to new competitors entering the market and changing the way customers interact with financial service providers. This becomes a challenge as it forces the providers to adapt and find new ways to remain competitive.

Changes in regulations and increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies are adding complexity and cost to financial services, and making it more challenging for financial service providers to offer the products and services their customers want.

Customer expectations are changing, with consumers demanding more personalized, convenient, and affordable financial products and services. This is putting pressure on financial service providers to meet these expectations while still maintaining profitability.

LKPU mitigates these challenges together with its network of leading financial institutions to support you in the following areas: Composite Insurance, Assistance, Service provider, Cooperation partner of insurance companies (real estate, automotive etc.), Specialized support for fast results

In order to meet the challenges and to identify and seize opportunities, LKPU uses cross-industry experience, methods and know-how. LKPU is highly-experienced in the financial services industry, and can support you with the following:

  • Innovation projects
  • Product development and additional services
  • Reorganisation and organisational development
  • Optimization projects
  • Claims area
  • Service Provider Management
  • Cooperation and growth projects


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Client Results​


Supporting an Insurance with project rescue of an innovation project

At a large German composite insurance, an innovation project was at risk. Delivering the project goals and go-live of an telematic based infrastructre as the basis for serivces and insurances was at high risk. This would have caused no solution and high sunk costs. Most of the funding and 2/3 of the time was gone, but not go live in sight. We successfully took over the project lead and turned around the project. We ensured a realistic successfull go-live, based on a revised and realistic project budget.

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Managing Partner

Alain Dietrich


How Can We Help​

Composite Insurance

Improve composite insurance offerings for insurance companies by developing tailored strategies for growth and profitability.


We provide tailored consulting services including Strategy Development, Digital Transformation, and Interim Management at C-Level.

Vendor Management

We help clients manage vendors effectively, improving quality and cost-effectiveness, through contract negotiation, performance measurement, and analysis.

Growth projects, cost control, innovation.

We help clients establish valuable partnerships for growth, claims cost management, and new products or services.

Project Rescue

Revitalizing projects in dire situations with the right team and immediate action to improve performance.

Organizational Excellence

Optimize your organizational structure and processes with our Organizational Excellence service for improved performance and competitive advantage.


Our Pre/De/Merger service helps clients prioritize stakeholders and achieve successful integration through structured decision-making and management.

Program & Project Management

We guide clients in managing complex programs and projects with planning, risk management, and progress monitoring.

Program & Project Management

We guide clients in managing complex programs and projects with planning, risk management, and progress monitoring.

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