Our Mission


LKPU Consulting is an independent consulting firm that specializes in management consultancy, including the handling of complex and critical projects, as well as providing senior professional consulting services.

Our work at LKPU is guided by our core values of professionalism, integrity, performance, and creativity, which provide a clear framework for our services. With our origins rooted in the financial industry, we offer advisory services to corporations and medium-sized businesses across various sectors such as financial services, industry, commerce, and the media. We take on project responsibility and ensure that our consultants possess the precise expertise needed to meet your specific requirements. The LKPU partners actively contribute to project teams. At LKPU, we prioritize transparency, working in a result-oriented manner without any presumptions or hidden agendas. We believe that the path to success lies solely in achieving your success. We bring the required expertise & know-how, passion, integrity, loyalty and our network to the table – but most importantly WE LOVE working with our clients.

Our Values

Since its foundation, LKPU is characterized by steadfast values, that guide us in our collective orientation and commitment. Our self-concept and individual corporate style are reflected therein. Our values are our USP with integrity at its core foundation.


What we begin, we do knowing it is achievable. We know what to do, and we do it objectively, quickly and carefully. We cause important decisions to happen and work from there. We work deliberately and consistently. The conditions, for our professionalism, are neutrality, transparency, performance standards and honesty.


What we think and do is aligned with our values. These values are the source of our loyalty, sincerity and trustworthiness. Our clients and our team rely on us. Because we create the best conditions for simple, trusted and accelerated co-operation. Integrity makes us comfortable to work with.


We expect to perform fast and deliver exceptional results. These results, we define with our customers. Our team relies on sportsmanship, and we are powerful because we continue to develop and support each other. As a result, we attract likeminded personalities with similar strengths.


We use creativity to find promising solutions off the beaten path. To attain this, we value clarity, create space and reduce complexity. For our customers, we look for the best practical solution. To make this work, we train staff continuously with interdisciplinarily knowledge sharing.

Our TOP 9

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” – Steve Jobs

Get high and to the right

Rich expertise with high value paired with total commitment to our clients goals.

Growth Mindset

We do not accept things for what they are. Continuous improvement and learning is our top priority.

Embrace grit

We believe that the willingness to work hard is the key to success. Grit is a real quality, which we possess.


Social Skills are as important as expertise - especially when it comes to complex projects. We cherry-pick our teams combining both.


We do understand and know our clients' business. That is why, we are able to support on strategic and operational level.

Raise the tide

Cooperation instead of competition. Therefore, we are extending our strategic partnerships to provide more valuable services quicker and seamlessly.

Pay it forward

An intrinsic motivation that has made us to become better human beings and a better company.

Default to Yes

We are always thinking about how we can help our clients. Our experience is that this leads to great partnerships and success for our clients.

Don’t beat around the bush

Openness and transparency have always been part of our DNA. We believe that this is the only way we can help and support our clients.



We are known to be considerate and decisive, in accordance with our core values and professional respect. Our integrity reinforces our reliability, and that is the basis of our performance, for our customers, our team and our partners.


Integrity is our way

Collaborative conviction, ambitious goals, powerful support – LKPU leads together, exceeding expectations.

We rescue your critical projects

Entrepreneurs, upright consultants and experienced experts. At your service.

Our Team

Abtin Maghrour

Managing Partner

Jan Koppetsch​

Managing Partner

Alain Dietrich


Martin Kainz


Our Offices

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Born in Frankfurt - at home in the world

No road is too rocky or too far for us

While we focus on Germany and master Europe’s lead market, our internationally experienced and language-skilled consultants can support our clients globally. Based in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne we accomplish project goals either at home or abroad. We operate in the background or in the front row – with the required cultural sensitivity. With our strategic partners we punch beyond our weight – having access to important markets across continents. But we do not stop here …

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We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.