Case Study

Implementation of an Understandable Compensation System for Two Medium-Sized Companies

LKPU is tasked with introducing a transparent and user-friendly compensation system to address these issues effectively.

At A Glance

Update and creation of job profiles
Creation of a compensation matrix with tasks and competencies
Employee classification in the compensation matrix based on task fulfillment and competencies
Determination of salary ranges or pay scales
Project management, subject matter experts, consultants, employees
Duration: 5 Months

The Story

Within two medium-sized companies, a lack of clarity arises concerning the classification of employee salaries due to the historical individual determination of compensation. To rectify this, LKPU is entrusted with the implementation of a transparent and easy-to-understand compensation system.

  • Review and update existing job profiles, or create new ones as necessary, to accurately reflect the roles and responsibilities of employees.
  • Develop a comprehensive compensation matrix that encompasses tasks and competencies required for each job profile.
  • Classify employees within the compensation matrix based on the extent to which they fulfill assigned tasks and possess the required competencies.
  • Establish salary ranges or pay scales aligned with the compensation matrix, ensuring a fair and transparent framework for employee compensation.

How We've Helped Clients

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