Case Study

Stabilization of Time & Attendance System at a Large Insurer's Subsidiary

LKPU played a crucial role in stabilizing the time and attendance processes, correcting errors, restoring employee confidence, and transferring knowledge to the parent company's HR Services.

At A Glance

Correction of time bookings and surcharge calculations
Restoration of employee confidence
Knowledge transfer to parent company’s HR services
Stabilization, documentation, and improvement of time and surcharge calculation processes
Regular communication and problem evaluation
Clear definition of roles and responsibilities
Future-oriented time management planning, roadmap, and contingency plan
Standardization of rules and processes
Subject matter experts, consultants, employees
Duration: 6 Months

The Story

The subsidiary of a large insurer, consisting of 3,500 employees, faced challenges in time and attendance management due to regional fragmentation and an outdated, internally developed system. These complexities led to numerous errors in time bookings and surcharge calculations. To address these issues and ensure accurate time recording, LKPU collaborated with the company to implement the following key initiatives:

  • Identify and rectify errors in time bookings and surcharge calculations to ensure accurate and reliable records.
  • Implement measures to rebuild employee trust in the time and attendance system and processes.
  • Share expertise and knowledge with the parent company’s HR Services team to enhance their understanding and capabilities in time management.
  • Stabilize the time and attendance processes, documenting existing procedures, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Establish open lines of communication to regularly address and evaluate time-related problems and their solutions with employees and managers of the parent company.
  • Clarify and define roles and responsibilities related to time management to eliminate confusion and streamline operations.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define the future direction of time management, including the development of a roadmap and contingency plan for implementation.
  • Establish standardized rules and processes to ensure consistency and evaluate long-term solutions for efficient time management.

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