Case Study

Implementation of Non-Cash Remuneration and Events Guideline at a Large Trading Company

LKPU played a vital role in creating and implementing a new policy and associated processes to address these issues effectively.

At A Glance

Preparation of communication and training materials
Creation of one-pagers and Q&As
Process description development, problem identification, and resolution
Job description creation
Definition of responsibilities and process flows
Development of implementation plans
Evaluation of digitization opportunities and system providers
Subject matter experts, onsultants, employees
Duration: 4 Months

The Story

Within a large trading company, benefits in kind and events were not consistently reported to the tax and HR services departments, leading to inadequate taxation. To rectify this issue, LKPU collaborated with the company to establish a new guideline and associated processes.

  • Develop comprehensive communication and training materials to effectively inform employees about the new guidelines and processes.
  • Produce concise one-pagers and Q&As to address common questions and provide clear guidance on non-cash remuneration and events.
  • Create detailed process descriptions, identifying and resolving problem areas to ensure accurate reporting and taxation of benefits in kind and events.
  • Define and document job descriptions for relevant roles involved in the reporting and taxation process.
  • Establish clear responsibilities and define streamlined process flows to ensure accurate and consistent reporting.
  • Create comprehensive implementation plans outlining the steps, timelines, and resources required for the successful adoption of the new guideline and processes.
  • Assess potential digitization opportunities to enhance efficiency and accuracy, including the evaluation of system providers for supporting the new processes.

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