Case Study

Strategic Reorganization of Claims Department: A Collaborative Endeavor for a Leading German Insurance Firm

A German insurance company has initiated a strategic restructuring of their claims department to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operational efficiency. Moreover, this reorganization aimed to achieve a reduction of claims costs.

At A Glance

Conducted a comprehensive As-Is Analysis and devised a blueprint for the new organizational structure of the claims department.
Conceptualized the target operating model.
Ensured the successful execution of the reorganization, which included strategic alignments with senior management, the workers’ council, IT, and HR departments.

The Story

In response to evolving business needs and market pressures, the executive leadership of a prominent German insurance firm engaged external specialists to implement the reorganization of its claims department. Our consultant was a key contributor among a team of five subject matter experts tackling this initiative. Responsibilities entailed:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the existing operational framework and formulating the target operating model.
  • Facilitating extensive consultations with various stakeholders, including HR, the workers’ council, senior management, and IT departments.
  • Undertaking the analysis, definition, documentation, and coordination of personnel, roles, responsibilities, capacities, and processes.
  • Assisting in the deployment of the new operational model and overseeing the transition to Go-Live.
  • Providing support throughout the stabilization phase post-implementation.

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