Case Study

Innovation and Business Model Development for a Major German Insurance Company

A major insurance company in Germany resolved to construct innovative business models, positioning itself strategically for forthcoming challenges and seizing new market opportunities with an emphasis on telematics-based insurance and service products.

At A Glance

Our consultancy provided assistance to the innovation team in developing business models, which encompassed tasks such as financial modeling, simulation, and conducting commercial due diligence of prospective solutions, all within a timeframe of less than one year. Additionally, we offered support to the senior management in their decision-making processes.

The Story

Recognizing new market opportunities and future challenges, a substantial German insurance company elected to invest in the creation of new business models. Due to a deficiency in internal expertise and resources, the company’s senior management chose to enlist the assistance of external professionals to augment their innovation team. Our specialist collaborated with approximately a dozen team members to conduct strategic analysis and develop business models. Key responsibilities included:

  • Determining the scope, identifying opportunities, recognizing limitations, and outlining challenges.
  • Performing risk assessments, which entailed the development of a comprehensive Risk Log.
  • Establishing a framework for data analytics, pinpointing data sources, and formulating an analytical approach.
  • Executing commercial due diligence for prospective business models.
  • Modeling and simulating various revenue streams and cost structures.
  • Crafting a decision memorandum for the senior management that included an implementation recommendation.

How We've Helped Clients

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