Case Study

Successful Optimization of Market Data Procurement and Usage at a German Universal Bank

A German universal bank undertakes an optimization initiative to enhance the procurement and usage of market data.

At A Glance

Requirements and Usage Analysis of Market Data Infrastructure for Securities Trading (Equity & Bonds)
Design of Sourcing Scenarios and Operating Models, Considering Software, Hardware, Data Procurement, and Distribution
Business Case Development
Identification of Consolidation and Savings Potentials, Conception of Measures
Preparation of Final Report

The Story

To streamline operations and maximize efficiency, a German universal bank initiated a market data optimization project. LKPU was engaged to lead the project, focusing on enhancing the procurement and usage of market data.

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the requirements and usage patterns of market data infrastructure, specifically for securities trading, encompassing equity and bonds.
  • Examined the existing infrastructure to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Developed various sourcing scenarios and corresponding operating models, considering factors such as software and hardware requirements, data procurement, and distribution.
  • Evaluated the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and impact of each scenario to determine the optimal approach.
  • Created a robust business case that outlined the potential benefits, risks, and return on investment associated with the market data optimization initiative.
  • Conducted financial analysis and cost-benefit assessments to support decision-making.
  • Identified opportunities for consolidation and savings within the market data procurement and usage processes.
  • Developed measures and strategies to optimize processes, eliminate redundancies, and reduce costs while maintaining data quality and integrity.
  • Compiled all findings, recommendations, and proposed measures into a comprehensive final report.
  • Presented the report to key stakeholders, providing actionable insights for implementing the identified optimizations.

LKPU successfully optimized the procurement and usage of market data for the German universal bank, improving operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Our comprehensive approach, including analysis, scenario design, business case development, and consolidation measures, culminated in a final report. The outcomes enable the bank to operate efficiently, maintain data quality, and gain a competitive edge.

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