Case Study

Successful Adaptation of Credit Processes and Core Banking System at a Large German Automotive Bank

The project includes adjustments to the core banking system, reference interest rates, calculation algorithms, and interfaces.

At A Glance

Risk and issue Analysis
Immediate measures: Structural and process organization, including vendor management
Options for action and decision-making
Detailed analysis of reference interest topic – technical and functional
Staffing of key positions and operational project management

The Story

To address interest calculation issues on returns, a large German automotive bank initiated a project to adapt their credit processes and core banking system. LKPU was entrusted with project steering, technical analysis, and key operational positions to ensure a successful implementation.

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of risks and identified issues related to interest calculation on returns.
  • Assessed the impact and potential consequences to guide the adaptation process effectively.
  • Implemented immediate measures to address structural and process-related issues.
  • Organized the necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operations and effective vendor management.
  • Explored various options for action to rectify interest calculation discrepancies.
  • Presented these options, along with recommendations, to stakeholders for informed decision-making.
  • Conducted a detailed analysis of the reference interest topic, addressing technical and functional aspects.
  • Evaluated the existing systems, algorithms, and interfaces to identify necessary adjustments for accurate calculation.
  • Assisted in staffing key positions within the project team to ensure the necessary expertise and resources were available.
  • Provided operational project management, coordinating activities, timelines, and deliverables.

LKPU effectively supported the adaptation of credit processes and the core banking system at the large German automotive bank. Our expertise in project steering, technical analysis, and operational project management ensured accurate interest calculation on returns, streamlined processes, and improved operational efficiency. The outcome reinforces the bank’s commitment to delivering high-quality financial services.

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