Case Study

Enhancing Master Data Quality for an IT/Financial Service Provider

LKPU undertakes the task of extracting, analyzing, and structuring 12,000 employee master data records, identifying deviations, and implementing measures to enhance data quality.

At A Glance

Extraction, structuring, and analysis of 12,000 employee master data records
Identification of deviations
Implementation of measures to improve data quality
Subject matter expertise, consultants, employees
Duration: 3 Months

The Story

A service provider operating in the IT/financial industry relies on SAP HCM to manage its extensive workforce, comprising 4,000 external and 8,000 internal employees. In preparation for the implementation of digital HR processes, the company recognizes the need to enhance the quality of its employee master data. LKPU takes on this critical task, ensuring that the master data is accurate, complete, and well-structured.

  • Extract and structure the employee master data records, utilizing appropriate tools to facilitate a comprehensive analysis.
  • Analyze the master data records to identify any deviations, inconsistencies, or errors that affect data quality.
  • Devise and implement targeted measures to enhance the quality of the master data, addressing content and structural improvements.

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