Case Study

Standardization and Digitization of HR Processes for a Leading Retail Company

This initiative lays the foundation for process harmonization and digitization within HR.

At A Glance

Reduction of heterogeneous processes and checks by 80%
Standardization of over 200 HR processes
Creation of a comprehensive directory of 125 HR processes
Project management, PMO, subject matter experts, consultants, employees
Duration: 10 Months

The Story

The HR Services division of one of Germany’s largest retail companies faces challenges due to decentralized structures and unclear task assignments. The regional variations in handling complex HR processes create a lack of transparency within the HR service portfolio, affecting stakeholders such as HR personnel, business teams, employees, management, works council, health insurance providers, and AfA (Federal Employment Agency). To address these issues, LKPU provides support in standardizing and documenting HR processes, enabling nationwide implementation and paving the way for digitalization within HR.

  • Streamline and harmonize HR processes and checklists, achieving an 80% reduction in heterogeneity across the division.
  • Establish standardized procedures for more than 200 HR processes, ensuring consistency and alignment across regions.
  • Develop a comprehensive directory that outlines 125 HR processes “from hire to retire”, serving as a valuable resource for users and facilitating effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.

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