Case Study

Successful Integration of a Large German Savings Bank into a German Universal Bank

Following the takeover of a large German savings bank by a German universal bank, a comprehensive pre and post-merger integration is carried out to fully integrate the assets of the acquired bank.

At A Glance

Project management
Issue and risk management
Preparation of business case-based decision documents for management (synergy and risk assessment)
Requirements and test management
Migration planning
Coaching of business unit managers in the integration of products and processes
Creation, management, and implementation of communication and training concept

The Story

After the successful takeover of a large German savings bank by a German universal bank, LKPU was entrusted with overseeing the pre and post-merger integration process. The objective was to fully integrate the assets of the acquired bank into the existing operations.

  • Led the overall project management efforts, ensuring effective coordination and execution of integration activities.
  • Managed and addressed issues and risks arising during the integration process, ensuring timely resolution and mitigation.
  • Prepared comprehensive decision documents based on the business case, outlining the expected synergies and risks associated with the integration.
  • Presented these documents to the management for informed decision-making.
  • Managed the gathering, documentation, and validation of requirements for the integration process.
  • Oversaw test management activities, including test planning, execution, and defect management, to ensure a smooth integration and quality assurance.
  • Developed a detailed plan for the migration of assets and processes from the acquired bank to the existing systems of the universal bank.
  • Ensured a seamless transition and minimal disruption to operations during the migration process.
  • Provided coaching and guidance to business unit managers involved in the integration process, assisting them in effectively integrating products and processes.
  • Developed a comprehensive communication and training concept to facilitate effective communication and knowledge transfer during the integration process.
  • Managed the implementation of the concept, ensuring the dissemination of information and training to relevant stakeholders.

Through our expertise in pre and post-merger integration, LKPU successfully integrated the large German savings bank into the German universal bank. The integration process focused on asset integration, with close attention to project management, issue and risk management, requirements and test management, migration planning, coaching of business unit managers, and effective communication and training.

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