Case Study

Successful Merger of European Entities at a Global Asset Manager

At one of the largest asset managers worldwide, an ongoing European merger encounters challenges. LKPU assumes the management of the merger and successfully completes it six weeks ahead of schedule.

At A Glance

Project management and project controlling
Coordination and communication with cooperation partners
Project risk management and budget planning
Quality gates introduction and monitoring for technical concepts
Reporting to steering committee
Operational and strategic steering committee preparation and execution
Team workshops conducting
Decision paper preparation for board of directors

The Story

At a globally renowned asset manager, a European merger faces obstacles that require efficient management. LKPU steps in to oversee the merger process and achieves a remarkable result, completing the merger six weeks ahead of schedule.

  • Effectively manage the merger project, ensuring timely progress, resource allocation, and adherence to objectives.
  • Implement project controlling mechanisms to monitor and control project activities, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Facilitate smooth coordination and communication among all stakeholders involved in the merger process.
  • Foster effective collaboration and alignment of goals, ensuring transparency and timely decision-making.
  • Proactively identify and mitigate project risks through comprehensive risk management strategies.
  • Plan and allocate project budgets, ensuring financial stability and resource optimization.
  • Establish quality gates to evaluate technical concepts, ensuring their alignment with the merger objectives and high standards.
  • Monitor the adherence to quality gates throughout the project, fostering quality assurance and minimizing risks.
  • Provide regular and comprehensive reports to the steering committee, updating them on project progress, milestones achieved, and key issues.
  • Prepare and conduct operational and strategic steering committee meetings, fostering collaboration, decision-making, and progress tracking.
  • Utilize these meetings as platforms to address key issues, align strategies, and ensure effective governance.
  • Facilitate workshops with the teams involved in the merger, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and alignment of goals and tasks.
  • Use workshops as opportunities for brainstorming, problem-solving, and fostering a cohesive team spirit.
  • Prepare decision papers for the board of directors, presenting key information, recommendations, and proposed courses of action.
  • Ensure clarity, accuracy, and strategic alignment in decision-making processes.

LKPU successfully manages the merger of European entities at a global asset manager. Our comprehensive project management ensures efficient coordination, risk management, and decision-making, resulting in a successful merger completion six weeks ahead of schedule.

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