Case Study

Demerger of DACH and Benelux Business of an International Sales Financier

The project involves the separation and reintegration of IT systems and processes, migration of clients and assets, and the implementation of transitional service agreements (TSAs).

At A Glance

Project management, coordination of personnel (selection and transition)
Carve-out of IT systems and processes
Definition of transitional service agreement (TSA) including service level agreements (SLAs)
Definition of post-transition IT and business architecture
De-coupling of IT systems, definition, and implementation of work-around and permanent processes
Planning and control of implementation
IT de-commissioning

The Story

As part of the takeover of the DACH and Benelux business of an international sales financier, LKPU has been tasked with efficiently managing the demerger process. The project involves the reorganization of national companies, separation and reintegration of IT systems and processes, migration of clients and assets, and the establishment of transitional service agreements (TSAs).

  • Led the overall project management efforts and coordinated personnel selection and transition to ensure a smooth demerger process.
  • Oversaw the separation of IT systems and processes from the international sales financier, ensuring a clean and efficient carve-out.
  • Defined the transitional service agreements (TSAs) including service level agreements (SLAs) to facilitate the continued provision of essential services during the transition period.
  • Defined the IT and business architecture for the post-transition phase, aligning it with the new organizational structure and operational requirements.
  • Managed the de-coupling of IT systems, ensuring the seamless functioning of critical processes during the transition period.
  • Defined and implemented work-around and permanent processes to maintain operational continuity.
  • Developed a comprehensive implementation plan, considering timelines, resources, and dependencies, to ensure a successful demerger process.
  • Maintained close control over the implementation activities, monitoring progress and mitigating risks as needed.
  • Oversaw the de-commissioning of IT systems that were no longer required as part of the demerger process, ensuring data security and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Through our expertise in project management and demerger processes, LKPU successfully navigated the demerger of the DACH and Benelux business of the international sales financier. Our meticulous attention to personnel coordination, carve-out of IT systems and processes, definition of transitional service agreements, and careful planning and control of the implementation process ensured a smooth demerger process.

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