Case Study

Assisting a Client with HRIS Selection, Provider Evaluation, and Service Level Optimization for HR, Payroll & Time Management

LKPU provides support in selecting, evaluating, and negotiating the implementation and service contract, ensuring optimal outcomes for the client.

At A Glance

Goal and strategy workshop
Bid comparison, normalization of bids and scope, business case calculation
Contract and SLA preparation, negotiation management
Project management, SMEs, 3 consultants, ~10 employees, 3 months

The Story

LKPU played a crucial role in assisting the client with the selection of an HRIS (Human Resources Information System), evaluating potential providers, and optimizing service levels for HR, payroll, and time management. The objective was to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance overall HR processes within the organization.

  • ¬†Conducted a comprehensive workshop to align client objectives with HRIS implementation, establishing clear project goals and expectations.
  • Business and technical requirements: Documented client’s HR, payroll, and time management requirements to ensure HRIS alignment.
  • Prepared and evaluated scenarios to assess system compatibility, aiding informed decision-making.
  • Decision-making: Provided senior management with relevant information, comparisons, and recommendations for optimal decision-making.
  • Managed the tender process, including documentation and transparent vendor communication.
  • Analyzed bids to assess scope, pricing, and benefits, calculating the business case for financial evaluation.
  • Assisted in preparing contract and SLA documents, ensuring alignment with client requirements and managing negotiation process.
  • Provided project management support, including SMEs and consultants, for a collaborative three-month implementation involving approximately 10 employees.

Through these efforts, LKPU ensured a successful HRIS implementation, meeting the client’s HR, payroll, and time management needs efficiently.

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