Case Study

Supporting the country manager of Switzerland & Lichtenstein to shape the strategy including associated initiatives

The country manager of Switzerland and Liechtenstein of a scheme provider required additional support to further progress strategic initiatives that need to be centrally managed and driven within the overall Central European organization.

At A Glance

7 Projects delivered successfully with the support of 1 Program Manager with in-depth payments expertise

The Story

LKPU was approached and asked to provide program management support with profound strategic know-how about the Swiss payments market. LKPU helped the scheme provider with following objectives:

  • Strategic topics were presented from different angles and in a way that is understandable for all stakeholders involved
  • Stakeholders could be aligned to a common execution towards the strategic initiatives
  • Clients were aligned on common market approaches
  • Complex technical and business approaches could be communicated suitable to target audiences such as clients or internal stakeholders
  • Inflight activities were connected and aligned to strategic objectives in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

How We've Helped Clients

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