Case Study

Principal membership for a fintech - Support Europe’s leading banking as-a-Service platform with the decision process

Europe's leading Banking-as-a-Service platform as a technology company with a full German banking license, enables other companies to offer their own financial services.

At A Glance

6 months of provided support

The Story

For the B-a-a-S platform as the acquiring entity, the question arose as to which of these approaches makes the most sense and what requirements and consequences each of these options entailed. In order to answer this question and then go into implementation together with the scheme provider, the B-a-a-S needed external support.
The LKPU team supported the initiative within following phases:

  • Phase I: Presentation of the various membership options and the resulting consequences and requirements for the relevant parties with focus on information gathering and preparation (e.g., comprehensive overviews, decision templates) to enable the B-a-a-S platform to agree on a final setup.
  • Phase II: Preparation of implementation of the approach adopted in phase I. For this purpose, a project with workstreams had to be set up in coordination with the customer, which accompanies and controls the implementation.

How We've Helped Clients

Strategy support to a scheme provider for its business solution

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