Case Study

Rescue Payroll Change for Television Company

LKPU swiftly intervened with pragmatic velocity, escalating decisions at the management level and restoring team spirit and management capabilities.

At A Glance

Risk and problem analysis
Added measures for operational and organizational structures, including vendor management
Policy options and decisions
Operational project management and support of critical functions
Engagement management, project management, experts
Project duration: 15 months

The Story

The television company faced a critical situation needing to change its payroll system, putting at risk the pay of 14,000 employees due to a software certification issue. LKPU swiftly intervened to resolve this dilemma, acting with pragmatic velocity and taking necessary steps to rectify the situation.

  • Risk and problem analysis: A comprehensive analysis was conducted to identify risks and problems associated with the payroll system change, enabling targeted solutions to be implemented.
  • LKPU implemented immediate measures to address operational and organizational challenges, including effective vendor management to ensure the smooth functioning of the payroll system.
  • Policy options and decisions: The team provided policy options and supported decision-making processes to guide the television company in overcoming the payroll system change challenges.
  • LKPU provided operational project management expertise and support to critical functions involved in the payroll system change, ensuring effective coordination and execution.

LKPU collaborated closely with 50 staff, including HR, Accounting, and IT directors, restoring team spirit and launching core payroll functions on time. Their intervention ensured timely and accurate payment, highlighting LKPU’s expertise in project and engagement management.

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