Case Study

P2P Solution introduced by a scheme provider to the Swiss market As an alternative to the dominant offer from twint

Push payments to cards can be enabled by switching the payment rails from the network to the P2P solution.

At A Glance

+50 happy stakeholders

4 Initiatives successfully delivered

The Story

A separate project was launched in the Swiss market to concentrate on the work that has to be done in order to provide a usable P2P solution there. The subject had to be presented from several perspectives and in a way that is clear to all parties concerned due to the high number of stakeholders involved (customers, issuers, acquirers, and PSPs). The creation of distinct project teams with appropriate milestones was required to ensure the effective fulfillment of requirements. Considerations had to be made for some in-flight activities.

The LKPU team supported the scheme provider with the in-depth analysis of following elements:

  • Market demand from multiple market participants
  • Regulatory pre-requisites for a P2P solution
  • AML/risk considerations
  • Technical setup ecosystem
  • User credentials

How We've Helped Clients

Supporting the country manager of Switzerland & Lichtenstein to shape the strategy including associated initiatives

Helping an issuer within the RFP process for the co-branding credit portfolio

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