Case Study

Implementing Efficiency Measures and Risk-Based Dismantling for a Specialist Bank Under Financial Pressure

To ensure competitiveness and efficiency, the management of a specialist bank faced the challenge of reducing costs in an ongoing financial pressure environment. LKPU provided support by introducing a model that integrated assembly and disassembly organization.

At A Glance

Recorded and processed processes, roles, and capabilities
Analyzed and defined the target image using FIRM GROUND(R) – a structured entity-relationship model (SERM)
Defined implementation measures for efficiency improvement
Continuously optimized processes
Project Management, Expert, 2 Consultants, 6 staff incl. CFO, 6 months

The Story

The management of a specialist bank recognized the need to continuously reduce costs in order to maintain competitiveness, efficiency, and planned obsolescence. LKPU played a critical role in assisting the bank by providing a comprehensive solution.

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the bank’s existing processes, roles, and capabilities, capturing relevant information to guide further actions.
  • Analyze and define the target operating model: Utilized a special purpose structured entity-relationship model (SERM) FIRM GROUND(R) to analyze the current state and define the desired target image for the bank’s operations.
  • Identified and defined specific measures and initiatives to implement the required efficiency improvements within the bank, aligning with the defined target operating model.
  • Process continuous optimization: Implemented a continuous optimization approach to monitor and refine processes, making adjustments to further enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

By introducing efficiency measures and a risk-based dismantling approach, the specialist bank was able to navigate ongoing financial pressures while maintaining competitiveness. The implemented model, integrated with assembly and disassembly organization, enabled capacity control based on criticality, ensuring that dismantling decisions were made in a risk-informed manner, avoiding premature actions.

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