Case Study

Successful Implementation and Integration of "Purchase on Account" Product for B2B E-commerce at a Private Bank

To support the B2B e-commerce operations of its parent company, a private bank introduced a "purchase on account" product.

At A Glance

Project management and specialists for risk management, accounts receivable management, payment transactions, factoring, card and payment service providers
Requirements for test managementEnsuring KWG and ZAG compliance, MaRisk, BAIT
Definition of account assignment and coordination with tax consultants and auditors
Business case preparation and decision-making support for management and supervisory boards

The Story

In support of B2B e-commerce operations for the parent company, a medium-sized bank undertook the implementation and integration of a “purchase on account” product. LKPU played a pivotal role in the success of this project by overseeing various aspects of its execution.

  • Led the project management efforts and engaged specialists in risk management, accounts receivable management, payment transactions, factoring, card and payment service providers, ensuring comprehensive coverage of relevant expertise.
  • Developed a comprehensive technical conception, defining the necessary infrastructure, systems, and integration requirements to enable the “purchase on account” product.
  • Managed requirements gathering, analysis, and documentation, ensuring alignment with stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
  • Oversaw test management activities, including test planning, execution, and defect management, to validate the product’s functionality and performance.
  • Ensured compliance with relevant regulatory standards, such as KWG and ZAG, as well as guidelines like MaRisk and BAIT, to maintain regulatory compliance throughout the project.
  • Defined account assignment processes and coordinated with tax consultants and auditors to ensure alignment with financial and accounting requirements.
  • Implemented risk management practices to identify, assess, and mitigate project-related risks, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.
  • Prepared a comprehensive business case, considering financial aspects, benefits, and potential risks.
  • Provided decision-making support for the management and supervisory boards to facilitate informed project approvals.
  • Assisted in creating job advertisements and participated in the personnel selection process to recruit qualified individuals for the project team.

Through our involvement, LKPU contributed to the successful implementation and integration of the “purchase on account” product for B2B e-commerce at the medium-sized bank. Our comprehensive approach encompassed project management, technical conception, compliance with regulatory standards, risk management, and support for key decision-making processes.

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