Case Study

Develop Chemicals Group's Global Payroll Harmonization and T&A Strategy

This comprehensive support included workshop facilitation, scenario preparation and evaluation, senior management decision support, RFP procedures, proposal comparison, contract and SLA design, and negotiation.

At A Glance

Preparation and evaluation of relevant scenarios
Senior management decision support
RFP procedures, including documents, provider and HR communication, and data room
Proposal comparison, normalization of commercials and scope, business case calculation
Contract and SLA design and negotiation (non-legal)
Project duration: 6 months

The Story

LKPU has played a crucial role in supporting a chemicals group with global payroll harmonization and time and attendance (T&A) strategy. Tthis project encompassed defining global targets and strategies, as well as managing the entire RFP process.

  • Goal and strategy workshop: Facilitated a comprehensive workshop to define global targets and strategies aligned with the chemicals group’s objectives.
  • Preparation and evaluation of scenarios: Prepared and evaluated various scenarios to assess their suitability and alignment with the group’s goals.
  • Senior management decision support: Provided decision support to senior management, presenting relevant information, comparisons, and recommendations.
  • RFP process management: Managed the complete RFP process, including document preparation, communication with providers and stakeholders, and data room establishment.
  • Proposal comparison and business case calculation: Conducted a thorough evaluation of proposals, comparing commercials, scope, and business case calculations to ensure accurate assessment.
  • Contract and SLA design and negotiation: Actively contributed to contract and SLA design, aligning them with the group’s requirements and supporting negotiation activities.

Throughout the six-month project, LKPU’s team of experts, PMO, and consultants collaborated closely with approximately 20 staff from the chemicals group. Their collective expertise and support were instrumental in achieving global payroll harmonization, defining effective T&A strategies, and optimizing payroll processes through strong contracts and SLAs.

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