Case Study

Successful Agile Transformation in the Omnichannel and Global IT of a German DAX30 Company

With one LKPU partner and five agile senior coaches, we prepare and guide the critical phases of the transformation, ensuring success at both operational and management levels.

At A Glance

Implementation of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban)
Agile project management
Project portfolio management
Coaching and mentoring of senior management
Delivery team and internal team management
Business and IT issue analysis aligned with transformation framework
IT and business architecture target picture analysis
Risk management
Product definition for international teams
Preparation of management presentations
Offsites preparation and execution (120 people)
Vision, mission, strategy development, and detailed planning with leadership team

The Story

A German DAX30 company undertakes an agile transformation in the omni-channel and global IT realm, and LKPU plays a vital role in its strategic conception, planning, and management. With one LKPU partner and five agile senior coaches, we meticulously prepare and accompany the most critical phases of the transformation, focusing on both operational and management levels.

  • Introduce and implement agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and flexibility in project execution.
  • Apply agile project management principles to ensure effective planning, execution, and delivery of projects, fostering adaptability and customer-centricity.
  • Implement project portfolio management practices to prioritize and align projects with strategic objectives, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing value.
  • Provide coaching and mentorship to senior management to foster a deep understanding of agile principles, practices, and mindset, enabling them to lead and support the transformation effectively.
  • Manage the delivery team and internal teams, facilitating collaboration, communication, and empowerment, ensuring smooth implementation of agile practices.
  • Analyze business and IT issues to align with the transformation framework, identifying areas of improvement and opportunities for alignment with agile principles.
  • Conduct an analysis of the IT and business architecture target picture, assessing its alignment with the agile transformation objectives, and identifying necessary adjustments.
  • Employ risk management strategies to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks and challenges associated with the agile transformation.
  • Collaborate with international teams to define product requirements, ensuring clarity, alignment, and effective collaboration across locations.
  • Prepare concise and informative presentations for the management team, providing updates, insights, and key decision-making support throughout the transformation journey.
  • Organize and facilitate offsite meetings involving 120 participants, creating an environment conducive to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and alignment of goals.
  • Work closely with the leadership team to develop a compelling vision, mission, and strategy for the agile transformation, translating them into detailed plans and actionable steps for implementation.

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