Case Study

Enabling the Global Universal Bank's Expansion into German and European Markets through Rapid Acquisitions

To establish a strong presence in the German and European markets, a global universal bank pursued a strategy of rapid acquisitions.

At A Glance

Accomplished rapid acquisitions with a focus on IT and process decisions
Implemented ring-fencing, operations carve-out, and integration strategies
Managed transition including service and license agreements
Led de- and pre-merger implementation activities

The Story

A global universal bank aimed to penetrate the German and European markets by rapidly acquiring key entities. LKPU played a vital role in facilitating the successful execution of these acquisitions.

  • Assisted in formulating policy options and decisions related to the acquisitions, aligning them with the bank’s strategic objectives.
  • Implemented ring-fencing strategies to ensure regulatory compliance and separation of acquired entities.
  • Executed operating carve-out processes to establish distinct entities for integration.
  • Oversaw the seamless integration of the acquired entities into the bank’s operations.
  • Managed the transition process, ensuring the smooth transfer of services and licenses from the acquired entities to the bank.
  • Negotiated and finalized service and license agreements to facilitate uninterrupted operations.
  • Led the implementation of necessary changes and adjustments to align the acquired entities with the bank’s systems, processes, and culture.
  • Oversaw pre-merger activities, including due diligence, legal compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Through our expertise and coordinated efforts, the rapid acquisitions were successfully integrated within a short time frame. Our support spanned critical areas such as IT and process decisions, operational integration, and reconciliation agreements. This enabled the global universal bank to establish a strong presence in the German and European markets, setting the stage for future growth and success.

How We've Helped Clients

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