Case Study

Establishing a B2B Marketplace for a PVH Purchasing and Logistics Group, Enabling E-Commerce for Members

A PVH purchasing and logistics group, comprising approximately 1,500 member companies, aimed to open up e-commerce opportunities through a marketplace platform.

At A Glance

Defined service flow and vendors selection process
Reviewed or prepared contracts (including SLAs) with augmented consulting and coordinated legal and tax issues
Conducted analysis and optimization of existing processes
Facilitated negotiations

The Story

A PVH purchasing and logistics group recognized the need to establish a B2B marketplace that would enable e-commerce capabilities for its members. LKPU played a crucial role in bringing this project to fruition.

  • Definition of service flow and process for selecting vendors for the marketplace platform.
  • Conducted a comprehensive review of existing contracts and, if necessary, prepared new contracts, including service level agreements (SLAs), while providing augmented consulting support.
  • Coordinated and addressed legal and tax issues to ensure compliance and minimize risks.
  • Conducted an analysis of the existing processes related to dealers, payment providers, and the purchasing and logistics group.
  • Identified areas for optimization and recommended improvements to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Facilitated negotiations between the relevant parties, including dealers, payment providers, and the purchasing and logistics group, to establish mutually beneficial agreements and ensure smooth operations of the marketplace.

Through our coordination of legal advice, factual presentation, and economic quality assurance, we successfully created the project to establish the B2B marketplace for the PVH purchasing and logistics group. This initiative enabled members to engage in e-commerce activities, streamlining the purchasing process and fostering growth within the PVH community.

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